7inch HDMI LCD (B)

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7inch HDMI LCD (B)

7 inch Capacitive Touch Screen LCD, HDMI interface, supports various systems




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7 inch Capacitive Touch Screen LCD, Resolution 800x480, supports various systems

1. USB interface for touch control and HDMI interface for displaying

2. Supports Raspebrry Pi, Driver free with Raspbain and Ubuntu

3. Supports Banana Pi/Banana Pro, comes with Lubuntu, Raspbian images

4. Supports BB Blacks, comes with Angstrom image

5. For other mini-PCs, driver is required and should be developed by users.

Use Guide

Working with PC

This LCD supports windows 10/8.1/8/7 OS. For these OS, the touch screen supports multi-touch up to 5 points. For some Windows 7 OS, the touch screen supports single touch only. (Please make sure your PC has HDMI interface)

  • Connect the USB interface of LCD to the USB port of PC
  • Connect the HDMI interface of LCD to the HDMI port of PC
  • Turn on the back light switch on the backside of LCD
  • Start your PC.

Note: When multiple displays are detected by your PC. The LCD can only be used to control the cursor on main display. So if you require the touch function, make sure that the LCD is set as main display.

Working with Raspberry Pi

To work with Raspberry Pi, you need to setting the resolution for properly use firstly. Here we take Raspbian OS as example.

  • Format your TF card to FAT32 (must larger than 8G)
  • Install the image file to your TF card by Win32DiskImager software.
  • After installing, Open the config.txt file which is located in the root of the TF card.
  • Append these statements to config.txt file
hdmi_cvt 800 480 60 6 0 0 0
  • Insert the card to your Raspberry Pi
  • Connect the USB interface and HDMI interface of LCD to the relative Port of Pi.
  • Power on your Raspberry Pi


  • Resolution of Ubuntu Mate OS or Windows 10 IOT can also be set by editing the config file. If you use other OS, you can also try this way
  • For Pi Zero/ Pi Zero W. The OS must be first booted up in Pi Zero/Zero W

Working with BeagleBone

  • For just displaying。 Because BeagleBone will read the display parameters of LCD and set the resolution automatically, so you can program the latest Angstrom image file to the board directly without any change.
  • For touch, we provide an image for you. You can just download this image and install it to your TF card like install Raspbian to Raspberry Pi. After installing, insert the card to your BeagleBone without any setting.

Working with BananaPi/BananaPi pro

  • Make sure you have connected the LCD before power on the Banana Pi
  • We only provide image for Banana Pi and Banana Pi pro. For other version, the image may cannot supports and sorry that we don't provide external image.
  • Download the image:
  • Connect the LCD to Banana Pi as same as Raspberry Pi.



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